Keith's Coaching

Coaching Programmes:

Sessions start from £25.00 for 30 minutes .... see full list below.

Coaching sessons include use of video & computer linked software analysis programmes and GC2/HMT launch monitor. Putting incorportaes the Sam PuttLab analysis system which is regarded as the No 1 in the world system and is used worldwide on all professional tours and at the best golf academies.

Keith Williams Golf is offering a limited number of golfers an Academy  Status which will allow players more flexible access to Keith's personal advice on a regular monthly basis with access to the physical profiling  & biomechanical assessment at reduced costs. Please see below & contact Keith to discuss a number of options.

Lesson Costs:

      Swing Analysis -   1 hour                       = £50.00  

                                 45 minutes                 = £40.00

                                 30 minutes                = £25.00

      Junior Introduction lesson                       = £20.00

      Swing & Short game analysis (1.5 hours) = £75.00

      1/2 training days (4 hours)                   = £195.00

      Full day training days                           = £380.00

Training Programmes:

Include - long & short game assessment and development; putting assessment and analysis with the World's best computerised system SAM Puttlab.

           6 sessions with Keith - £195.00 adults   £150.00 juniors

Keith Williams Golf Academy Status:

From £50.00 - £100.00 per month dependent on level of coaching support required by the player. Monthly support commences at a minimum 1hour of coaching with Keith Williams personally.


Using the GASP LAB software programme Keith's online coaching system allow's regular and new students to get coaching via the internet. Players will have to register for the program and then they are able to receive full visual and verbal lessons via the online system - it will be a case of simply downloading some swings and Keith will analyse and return them with either visual instruction  & demonstration, verbal or written instruction.

Costs per lesson are £25 or 5 lessons for £100.00 - all payments to be made in advance.

To register your interest please feel free to contact Keith via the website or directly on



Golf Schools & Camps at Hawkstone Park

Golf schools  – Coaching is delivered in small groups consisting of either a ½ day or full day tuition package.

Players can receive instruction on the full swing, short game or putting departments of the game dependent on the tuition package selected.  Coaching on the golf course is also available but is limited due to time availability.

½ day tuition (4 x hours) from £50.00

Full day tuition (7 x hours) from £85.00


Juniors ½ day (3 x hours) from £25.00

Juniors Full day (5 x hours) from £40.00    

Two/Three day golf camps  -

Coaching is delivered in small groups consisting of various options and packages.

Players can receive instruction on all aspects of the game including on course play dependent on the package selected. Players can incorporate games on the course if they so wish and hotel accommodation is available should it be required.

2 day camps (7 - 11 x hours tuition) from £140.00

3 day camps (11 – 15 hours tuition) from £ 180.00

Juniors 2x day camp (5 – 8 x hours)  from £ 45.00

Juniors 3 x day camp (8 – 11 hours) from £ 70.00

All charges are per person for tuition only including use of range balls. Golf course fees, buggies/trollies, accommodation, food and drinks are not included in the above prices.



These are tuition schools & camps where KEITH will personally deliver the coaching to all participants throughout the day.

Participants will benefit from Keith’s extensive knowledge & experience of coaching players from beginner to Tour Player.

High tech equipment including GASP swing analysis, GC2/HMT launch monitor and Sam PuttLab will be made available to players; game analysis and individual recommendations will be followed up with online  back-up for players and an invitation to join Keith’s Internet Coaching School.

Specialist Schools & Camps will include full swing development; short game skills improvement; putting analysis and development; on course strategy & advice.

½ day tuition (4 x hours) from £ 80.00

Full day tuition (7 x hours) from £ 135.00


Learn to Play (Golf):

The Academy will be running regular 2 hour golf schools especially for beginners or newcomers to the game. Each session will introduce participants to the basic fundamentals of the game, offering an opportunity to understand key principals, hit shots on the range and try some short game & putting.

Participants can then decide to follow this up by enrolling on one of the other Academy programmes, booking individual tuition or even joining as an Academy Member.

All equipment is provided Free of Charge

Learn to Play will cost £25.00 for adults & £17.50 for juniors 

Academy Membership is from £55.00 for juniors & £110 for adults.


Group Lessons:

Courses of lessons both for juniors and adults will run throughout the year and will generally consist of 5 lessons covering the relevant aspects of the game.

All equipment is provided Free of Charge

Cost will be £ 49.00 for adults & £25.00 for juniors



Please contact the Golf Shop at Hawkstone Park on 01948 841775 or visit

or e mail


Hawkstone Park, Weston under Redcastle
Nr Shrewsbury
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Head Golf Coach - Czech Golf Federation

The Czech Republic - Keith was first involved with coaching for the Czech Golf Federation in 1994 when England Golf sponsored a scheme to help develop the younger and more talented players in the country.

After a three year sabbatical he returned to work more directly with the Czech Federation in late 2004 and since then has been instrumental in helping them develop a multi-disciplined training programme so that currently there are two main squads sponsored by the Federation - the Performance squad who spend about 25 training days with Keith and the Development squad who receive 18 days training from home based coaches but under Keith's direction.

A level of coaching has been developed at 25 centres called Junior Learning Centres located throughout the Czech Republic... 30+ coaches and 400 youngsters are now involved in well structured and organised coach training.

Much of this National pyramid of training is sponsored by the R & A of St Andrews and the Ryder Cup European Funding Programme.

Progress has been very positive with the national girls team finishing 7th in the European Girls Team Championships in Scotland in 2008 and again 7th in Denmark 2009 and several young players now on professional tours throughout Europe with one young lady ready to compete on the Womens Ladies European Tour in 2009 with a full card.

R & A Development Consultant - Keith has been involved with the R& A for a number of years and has worked with their programme which develops the coaching programmes for players and the training of PGA professionals in many under resourced countries throughout the World. On his last two trips Keith visited Peru and his work included coaching the countries junior and national squads but in particular delivering over 8 days of specific golf swing analysis and teaching skills to 24 coaches in the country.

Derby College - Keith is currently helping to develop and coach the first ever tranche of players enrolled on a combined education and golf development course which includes access to first class Sports Science & Medicine strategies as well as access to 'home' based goolf coaches at the Morley Hayes golf academy in Derbyshire.

May 2010 - Czech Performance & Development Squad training - Silherovice, Moravia

Keith spent 3 days working with a young Development squad and the national team players from the Performance squad prior to their first Czech Tour event at Silherovice.

Czech Golf CoachingA successful camp was followed by the successful results with Jiri Korda and David Prochazcka at 4 under par for 36 holes but with Jiri winning the play-off and Klara Spilkova winning the ladies event by 8 shots at 1 over par. Klara has just returned form Paris where she lost by one hole in the 36 hole final of the French Girls Championship. Her handicap is +2 which isn't to bad as she became 14 years old one month ago.


Czech Girls Team


Czech Ladies Golf Team


CGF - 2011/2012 Training programme

CGF squad assessments took place in late October and early November to indentify players to train in the Performance and Development squad groups. With so many good young players now beginmning to show their potential it was not an easy task.

The Performance squad (10 players) enlisted two new young players - Vitek Novak & Katerina Vlasinova, whilst the Development squad (16 players) saw the addition of 7 new players.

As there were several players who did not qualify for the two main squads due to age preferences, the CGF agreed with Keith to form an 'Individual Squad' with a limited number of nominated players. They will gain Federation backing & support and will receive one to one individual coaching from Keith from time to time and invites to CGF squad training camps should the availability arise.

Internet Coaching for CGF players

The Czech Golf Federation have finalised an agreement for all the Performance Squad players to work closer with Keith under his Internet Coaching scheme. They will send Keith regular monthly swing files so that he can 'cast his eye' over their progress and ensure that swing developments are adhered to and are making positive progress.

Swing comments and suggestions will be returned to the players who will then communicate with their own coaches to make sure everyone is in agreement. Some players are not working with personal coaches in the Czech Republic but consider Keith their coach so the internet coaching is merely an extension of that working relationship.

CGF camps have been arranged for Turkey in February (as part of the teams preparation for the World Amateur Team Championships in October) and for Costa Ballena in Spain in March where final preparations can made for the imminent 2012 season.


April 2011 - Cambridgeshire County Junior Development Squad training reaches completion -

From September 2010 until May 3rd 2011, after one assessment day and 9 regular training sessions the Cambridgeshire County juniors completed a full programme of development work. Training sessions were carried out at the National Golf Centre, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire and in Cambridgeshire at the Gog Magag golf club and Heydon Grange golf centre.

Training covered technical development in all aspects - full-swing , short game, bunkers and putting with assessment and review using video, computer software and the Sam PuttLab analysis equipment.

Eacg training session began with a physical warm up and stretch programme, followed by swing analysis, a series of skills challenges with a scoring structure that allowed players to measure their own strengths and weaknesses and then play on the course to put their work into practice.

Keith commented - 'They are all to be congratulated on their hard work and committment. It was noticeable how their attitude and approach to the training programme really developed over the winter period and how much more they were each able to get from this development programme. It was also pleasing to get such a good response from the players personal coaches and to be able to work in harmony to with them to the great benefit of each player'.

May 2010 - Derbyshire County Team - training 

On May 4th Keith worked with the Derbyshire Union of Golf Clubs county team players using the Sam PuttLab analyser to assess the players putting strokes.

Analysis via the very best high-tech machine, used on all pro Tours throughout the World, allowed Keith to deliver exact information and advise the players on their putting methods and how best to develop improvements in their techniques.

Not only were some players delighted with their potential for development but it also confirmed to several of the players how solid their curent techniques were and that physical practice must also be tied into psychological factors such as belief, trust, no fear and confidence. For some the rythmn and pace of the stroke was the only weakness but Keith was able to illustrate to all squad members how this one factor alone alters many of the impact alignments that are critical to successful and consistent putting results.

A successful day was enjoyed by all and Derbyshire squad players hope to follow up this session with Keith in other areas of the game particularly the short game.

Performance Golf Academy - Derby College

Since September 2008 Keith has been the Senior Golf Coach working and leading players through a two year golf and educational programme at Derby College. Training with Keith takes place once a month at the Morley Hayes golf centre and covers technical development in the full swing, short game and putting. Players have been assessed using video/computer and Sam PuttLab analysis and the programme includes skills challenges to help the players self assess their putting, short and long game skills.

Technical work is supported locally by two the Morley Hayes PGA coaches - James Whatley and Steve Astle and the course includes physical development with Bob Wood and psychological development with Brian Hemmings. The programme and player management is lead by Nigel Furniss.


Golf Coaching in the UK

Keith is a Golf Monthly Top 25 UK Coach, a PGA Master Professional and won the prestigious PGA's of Europe 'Five Star Professional' award for his coaching abilities.








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