Klara & Keith visit Loughborough University Biomex Lab

During Klara's recent visit for training with Keith, they spent a day at the high-tech biomex lab which has been specially developed to aid players and coaches understand the technical and sports science individualities of the golf swing.

The service is run under the title Pro Vantage and is led by Dr Jon Roberts and Dr Steph Forrester.

Keith was particularly delighted to make contact with the team at Pro Vantage and hopes to use their services again on a regualr basis with his students. He commented 'I've not seen a better lab; the team of experts are first-class; it has all the right equipment - the Vicom 3D analysis is just about the best available; the force plate (weight) platform gives some great feedback and added to that the Trackman and the high tech camera systems confirm so much additional information to help me deliver the correct advice to Klara'.


ProVantage is the only service to offer elite golfers and their coaches:


Klara’s assessment included  - a basic physical screening  - a biomechanical analysis of the swing (6 iron & driver) - high speed video of the swing – Trackman analysis - a report containing her biomechanics data (initial report sent see attached main one to follow) – we also spent time with two technicians reviewing her initial data.

Klara is now in the process of making changes to her swing via physical and club movement that should help her improve her ball-striking and control capabilities and potential distances she hits with each club.





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