PGA coaches seminars

Throughout the winter and spring period Keith will be visiting many of the County Golf Partnership coaches groups to deliver a 3 hour seminar discussing his past history & experiences; his swing theories and preferences; to illustrate Case Studies; and to discuss with the coaches his thoughts on the various swing models that are currently being coached throughout the World.

So far coaches and officials from at least 7 counties have attended and Keith has enjoyed some lively discussion and debate on many topics. Some key points he's keen to emphasise to the other coaches is that there isn't one model for the swing - the never has been and it's likely there never will be! But coaches have to be consistent with their lesson delivery and therefore it's important to be clear in what you believe in as a coach and to trust that knowledge and preference. Variation is not only possible within the coaches swing preferences, it's an absolute necessity as a coach has to adapt to the individual golfers capabilites and needs.

The next series of seminars is planned for early March.

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